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Costs to See a Doctor | 2021

Get informed about what it costs to see a doctor.

The costs to see a doctor can vary by year and by plan. Explore the plan listings below to learn the costs associated with visiting a primary care physician, a specialist, a podiatrist, a vision care provider and more.

2021 Costs to See a Doctor

Select a plan below to see a quick reference of your costs in 2021 for care from a doctor.

Peoples Health Choices 65 (HMO) Orleans, Jefferson, East Baton Rouge

Peoples Health Choices 65 (HMO) Northshore

Peoples Health Choices 65 (HMO) Southland

Peoples Health Choices 65 (HMO) Rural Southeast

Peoples Health Choices Gold (HMO)

Peoples Health Choices Value (HMO)

Peoples Health Choices (PPO)

Peoples Health Patriot (PPO)

Peoples Health Secure Complete (HMO D-SNP)

Peoples Health Secure Health (HMO D-SNP)

Peoples Health Secure Choice (HMO D-SNP)

Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS)

Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS) for Office of Group Benefits


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